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Signature Flight Support

Listing Details

Last Updated: 6+ Months Ago
Date Posted: 05-10-2013
Location: Hangar 15
Newark, NJ 07114

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Property Information

Listing Type: Transient Space

Property Type: Hangar

Listing Description:
Signature - EWR has 10,000 SF available in our 36,000 sq. ft. hangar.

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Hangar Size: 36,000 sf

Available Hangar Space: 36,000 sf

Name of FBO: Signature Flight Support

Transient Space Information:

Space Available: 10,000 sf
Description: Signature - EWR Currently has hangar space available for a GV or smaller aircraft.

Hangar Type: Corporate

FBO Info

General Manager : Eric Richardson
Phone : 973-624-1660
Email :
Address : 15 Brewster Rd
Newark, NJ, 07114


Unicom Frequency : 122.95
ARINC Frequency : 130.85
VHF Frequency : N/A


Jet A : Yes
100LL : Yes

Services & Amenities

Lav/Water/GPU : Yes
Onsite Catering : No
De-icing Capability : Yes
Customs Services : No
Courtesy Car : Yes
Crew Lounge : Yes
Free Wifi : Yes
Conference Room : Yes
Auto Spa : No
Onsite Restaurant : No
Shower/Locker Room : No
Exercise Room : No
Pet Area : Yes

General Description

Newark, the United States' fourth largest metropolitan region shows little of its Puritan beginnings. The city grew into early industrial success and today is a healthy economic mix of manufacturing and commercial businesses. Just minutes away from New York City, Signature-Newark is the ideal FBO for business in the area.
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