How It Works

How Hangar Network connects you to hangars, office and shop space, and other aviation-related real estate

Welcome to HangarNetwork™ ("HN"), your complete resource for aviation real estate. Our extensive experience as aviation and real estate professionals helps us understand that the aviation and airport community is a unique niche environment. The composition and configuration of airports with their aircraft hangars, commercial office space, land, hangar homes, and tie-downs is uncharted territory for most real estate brokers. Because of that, we at HN have worked hard to develop this website to support the aviation industry’s very specialized real estate needs.


Our Success Is Based On Your Success

At HN we believe the key to our success revolves around YOU, our users. That is why we designed a map-centric, easy to use website for you to list your property, search for properties, and facilitate any type of airport-related real estate transaction. Regardless of your need - whether you are looking for a hangar or have a hangar for sale, lease, or rent, want to sublease a parcel of land or lease a hangar home - HN will assist you with all of your aviation real estate needs.

HN listing property types:

  • Aircraft hangars
  • Airpark residential (hangar homes)
  • Airport land parcels
  • Office, Shop, Warehouse, Retail, and Flex spaces
  • Tie-down spaces
  • Transient spaces for short-term rentals

By continually analyzing and anticipating the unique needs of aviation real estate and by incorporating new features, we are changing the way you connect with aviation real estate.

Search aviation property listings at no cost or without creating an account!

You only need to create an account when you want to list your property or to contact a listing agent/broker. An individual user or owner (NOT a real estate agent or broker) may list one property at no cost. Our paid account subscriptions for individuals, real estate agents, and companies provide numerous added features that greatly enhance the exposure and visibility of your listings.

Real estate agents and brokers MUST sign up for a paid account in order to list properties.

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