Hangar Network Listings Now Integrated With Signature Flight Support

Real Estate page on Signature Flight Support website

The Real Estate page on Signature Flight Support’s website. Note the link to Hangar Network.

Hangar Network’s real estate data have been incorporated into Signature Flight Support’s recently-redesigned FBO services website.  With the recent completion of development and testing of their website, Signature’s hangars and office spaces available for lease, sale, or transient use, are now on display for each of its 125 locations in the United States, powered by Hangar Network.

For those seeking a hangar to lease or use on a short-term basis, or arranging aircraft and passenger support services for an upcoming trip, Signature’s website combines both of those services to showcase the hangar and office space available at any Signature location along a flight route.

Real estate data displayed on Signature’s website are transmitted in real time, directly from Hangar Network’s extensive database via a dedicated web service application recently developed by Hangar Network. This service enables one-click access to current and complete, detailed property information at Signature’s FBO locations.

This integration provides real-time information to those seeking hangar space for transient use while planning a flight or for a longer-term arrangement.  Pilots and others visiting Signature’s website for information about available hangar space, office space, or transient space will now be able to rapidly identify and secure the space required to suit the needs of any travel plans.

Similarly on the Hangar Network website, Signature’s services and amenities are displayed in conjunction with available hangar and office space at each of their locations. Such reciprocity is really a major step forward to enhance the exposure for Signature’s available hangars and office spaces as well as their world-class support services.

Through this integration, we clearly demonstrate that we continue to revolutionize the industry and reaffirm our ongoing commitment to finding new and better ways to navigate the aviation real estate market. We are optimistic that other FBOs see the incredible level of exposure provided by the reciprocal display of real estate information combined with FBO aircraft and passenger services and amenities.

Hangar Network is the premier resource for the airport and aviation real estate industry, and we are changing the way pilots and industry professionals connect to aviation real estate.


Mike Straka, PhD
HN Contributing Author & Technical Support
Past Chairman, Colorado Aviation Business Association