Hangar Network’s Upgraded Web Service

Hangar Network’s business model is similar to other commercial real estate listing agencies such as LoopNet and Costar – listing vacant properties and making them searchable to be found by those seeking them. Thus the Hangar Network website is a clearinghouse that brings together buyers/lessees and sellers/lessors.

As you know, what makes Hangar Network unique from the rest is that we focus solely on properties that are aviation- or airport-related, such as hangars, airpark hangar-homes, office/shop/warehouse spaces, and airport lots.

Over the past months, we’ve been working to create more value for subscribers by exploring ways to gain higher visibility for their listings. One way to do so is to make our listing information readily available and accessible via a host of client services such as flight planning engines, FBOs, airports, and others. By displaying open property listings on their websites, those services also stand to gain additional visibility on the Hangar Network site, creating a win-win for everyone.

We’re proud to announce the recent completion of a significant upgrade in our data distribution through the creation of a web service application programming interface, or API. This new web service seamlessly integrates HN listings with the client services and syndicates them in real-time so partnering sites can display, and their users can locate, available hangar and office space, developable land, and other listings anywhere in the U.S.

The new service is especially exciting in the context of integration with flight planning — this innovation gives industry professionals a whole new way to access a variety of hangar space options that may be available at their destinations.

Hangar Network is in the late stages of integrating the new service with one of the world’s largest FBO networks, and the completion of that project will be announced in the coming weeks.


Mike Straka, PhD
HN Staff Writer & Technical Support
Immediate Past Chairman, Colorado Aviation Business Association