Steady Progress at


Here at Hangar Network, we’ve been working to steadily grow the business, and we’re making solid headway primarily by enhancing the website for optimal user experience and getting the word out when improvements have been completed.

Recently we described here how our new programming team has incorporated Agile web development methodologies as well as more effective communication with the entire team. Through these we’ve been able to maintain a consistently higher level of adherence to best practices, making our overall development efforts more efficient and adaptable to changing needs as they arise or as new information becomes available. We’re confident this new approach will hasten progress and streamline the process of implementing new ideas and features.

So how are we doing?

Well, HN has been in business a little over three years, and the charts below paint a clear picture of steady progress.

Website Monthly Sessions

Monthly Sessions on


The chart above shows the number of monthly sessions on the website. The upward trend is obvious, and the site now averages nearly 4,300 sessions per month over the most recent six months, up from 3,500 the previous six months.


Monthly Transactions facilitated through Hangar Network

Monthly Transactions facilitated through Hangar Network

Above are shown the number of sale or lease transactions facilitated through HN. These data are reported to us by listing parties and are subject to more variability, which we attribute to both seasonal trends as well as other vagaries of the nationwide commercial real estate market.

Over the past year we’ve undertaken a more focused effort to engage on social media, and the results seem to indicate that these efforts are paying off. The graph below shows the number of impressions per month on our Twitter feed, beginning in June 2014.

Twitter Impressions by Month

Twitter Impressions by Month

Below is shown the graph of monthly profile visits (blue) and engagements (red) generated by our Twitter feed, demonstrating a clear uptrend in profile visits. By comparing these numbers with our site tracking analytics we believe our social media postings do translate to a certain extent into website visits.

Monthly Engagements & Profile Visits

Monthly Engagements (red)  & Profile Visits (blue)

Overall, we believe more people are coming to the website every month, as evidenced by our traffic stats as well as phone calls and the number of accounts being established. Those are not reported here today but will be at some point in the future.

The takeaway? Progress is slow but steady at

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: If you’re not listing your aviation property on, YOU SHOULD!

PLEASE NOTE: We’d like to point out again HN does not participate in transactions in any way as a broker or agent. We are a facilitator or clearinghouse, and simply provide listing and search services for those with available aviation properties and those seeking the same.

Mike Straka, PhD
HContributing Author
Immediate Past Chairman, Colorado Aviation Business Association