NBAA 2014 staff were among the thousands who attended the NBAA 2014 Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (BACE) last week in Orlando FL.

Here are some interesting facts you might not know about the NBAA BACE:  it is the world’s largest business aviation event and ranks as the 4th largest trade show in the US.  With over 25,000 attendees, the event features dozens of notable speakers, educational sessions and seminars, more than 1,000 exhibitors showcasing their newest products and services, and nearly 100 business aircraft on static display at nearby Orlando Executive Airport.

In addition to the outdoor static, for the first time there were about 20 aircraft and mock-ups on display inside the convention center (photos below).

Some of those in attendance are executives there to make aircraft purchasing decisions, while others are researching products and services for future use, and of course exhibitors are there to showcase their wares.

Besides sitting in on seminars and checking out the latest and greatest, many others are there taking advantage of a major subtext of the show – the tremendous opportunity it provides for networking.  Seasoned veterans as well as young professionals just starting out attend NBAA to establish and nurture relationships in the industry to advance their careers.

Several HN staffers are long-time active members of regional aviation advocacy groups – namely, the Colorado Aviation Business Association and the Colorado General Aviation Alliance.

NBAA is a strong supporter of such groups and hosted a session to share experiences, ideas, and resources among the large array of groups that exist around the country.  Speakers in the Regional Groups session discussed how to work strategically with sponsors as well as how to engage local media personnel to familiarize them with flying, promote relationships, and to help them understand aviation and how to portray the industry in a more educated and favorable light.

As part of our business development activities, HN staff spoke with over 100 airport operators, FBOs, and others, describing the extensive range of features and capabilities provided on our website.  Of course, since we are Colorado-based we had to stop by the Colorado booth for a bit to catch up with our friends and colleagues.

Our newly rolled-out monthly automated analytics report is a most welcome addition to the many features available to property listers, and noticeably piqued the interest of those we spoke with.  Currently emailed to paid listing accounts only, the reports provide valuable and timely information on the property’s number of views, contact requests, and clicks on its website link.

The overall feedback we received from nearly everyone was genuinely enthusiastic and positive, thus we anticipate that the steady growth seen over the past 18 months will continue on pace or even accelerate.


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NBAA14_20-w     NBAA14_23-w     NBAA14_13-w

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Mike Straka, PhD
HN Staff Writer & Technical Support
Vice Chairman, Colorado Aviation Business Association