Mid-Field Redevelopment at Meacham is Progressing Quickly

Meacham Mid-Field Project

Meacham Mid-Field Project. (North is to the right)


Back in May we told you about an extensive redevelopment project about to get under way at Meacham International Airport KFTW (Read the eNewsletter article here and view Additional photos here).

Originally scheduled for a summer 2019 start, the project got jump-started when discretionary funds from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) became available sooner than anticipated.

The project, as seen in the photo above, encompasses 30 acres on the east side of the field.

The first phase has commenced with the removal of a portion of closed runway and the design for realignment and construction of two new taxilanes. The preconstruction meetings have been held to begin construction of Taxiway G, shown in green on the north side of mid-field (north is to the right in the above photo).

The midfield project is being managed by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), who managed the RFPs and selection of contractors through a competitive bidding process.

We recently spoke with Anne-Marie Stowe, leasing coordinator at Meacham, and she filled us in on the rapid progress of the midfield project. She told us that in the photo above, the pink parcels will be made available when they are ready to begin marketing. The grey parcels are reserved for Texas Jet (FBO), American Aero, and Tactical Aviation, who will build another FBO.

We will inform you when Meacham is ready to issue RFPs for the available parcels, so stay tuned!


Mike Straka, PhD
HN Contributing Author & Technical Support
Past Chairman, Colorado Aviation Business Association