People love what we’re doing!

It isn’t often that we brag about our services, despite our belief that we truly are assisting hundreds of individual owners, FBOs, and airport sponsors get the word out about their available hangars, office spaces, maintenance & repair shops, and development land.

However, in recent months we’ve received an increasing number of compliments from satisfied and happy clients who’ve either successfully listed or found aviation properties on

So, we thought we’d toot our own horn a bit and relay some of those messages of appreciation. Here are just a few of them:

“Thanks so much HangarNetwork!  I received several calls through your website, I love that community and hope to have more for us to publish this year!”  – D. H., Fort Myers, FL

“It’s been a great site!”  - L. M., San Angelo, TX

“I sold the hangar on Sunday 3/28/18 – all thanks to Hangar Network!  Thank you for letting me advertise on your site!”  - E. N., Broomfield, CO

“Thank you very much. You make doing business very easy!”  - H. H., San Diego, CA

“You are wonderful! Thank you!”  - R. G., Tempe, AZ

“ is a great website!”  - J. S., Erie, CO

It’s satisfying and encouraging to know that so far we’re on the right track. During the past 4 months we’ve also noted an increase in the number of Enhanced accounts, and even with the “churn” of properties being leased or sold we now have over 1,000 active listings on the website.

With the deployment of our revamped mobile site, searches are much more easily accomplished from handheld devices and tablets. In addition, contact requests can be made directly from the listing detail page, and in the two months since its release, more than 100 contact requests have been made from the mobile site.

The enhanced mobile capability is anticipated to accelerate the identification of suitable properties for all seeking airport vacancies, whether it be hangar, office, or shop space, or most importantly for airports, their available development land.

Stay tuned to hear about more exciting developments at in the weeks and months to come!


Mike Straka, PhD
HN Contributing Author & Technical Support
Past Chairman, Colorado Aviation Business Association