About HangarNetwork

Aviation and real estate professionals working together to bring you HangarNetwork.com.

 HangarNetwork™ (“HN”) is a privately held corporation operated under Hangar Network, LLC, and is a registered Colorado Corporation.  Officially launched in January 2013, HN was conceived, designed, and developed to be a comprehensive and easy-to-use clearing house for all aviation related real estate.  Collectively, HN’s ownership and staff have many years experience and education in aviation business, commercial real estate, and marketing. We understand that our success is directly dependent on our customer’s success through HN, and we commit to consistently improve and adapt to fit the needs of the unique aviation community that we serve.  


Our Mission

“To change the way aviators, industry professionals, and the world connect with aviation real estate”


Your Resource

HN is fast becoming the central resource for the aviation and airport real estate industry. Here you can find or list aircraft hangars for sale, lease, or rent, airport land, offices, and shops, airpark hangar homes, and more.

In addition to our state-of-the-art listing service, HN also provides users and subscribers with the latest industry news, expert advice and industry happenings through our social media channels, eNewsletter, and blog. These provide relevant and interesting articles on anything aviation: airports, hangars, airparks (hangar homes), airport and hangar management or development, industry topics and beyond.  Sign up for the monthly eNewsletter or check out archived newsletters and the blog.


Flight Planning

In September 2015, HN entered into an exciting collaboration which opens up an entirely new way of marketing your property: Listings are now being presented on iFlightPlanner.com. This means that during flight planning, pilots can view hangars and other spaces (listed on HN) available anywhere along their route of flight. Listings are also shown free of charge on the interactive aviation charts, even without the need to be planning a flight. All of this added exposure is done for you at NO additional cost!