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Listing ID: 1665


Re 1 Advisor LLC

Listing Details

Last Updated: 3-6 Months Ago
Date Posted: 03-25-2020
Location: 2365 Tower Dr
Naples, FL 34104

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Property Information

Listing Type: For Lease

Website: Visit Our Website

Property Type: Hangar

Office/Shop Space: None

Listing Description:
Gateway to the Paradise Coast! Large corporate hangar available for shared space annual lease.
12,000sf with tow in/out services from Northern Jet Management line staff, crew/catering kitchen, comfortable passenger lounge, bathroom/shower, auto storage, aircraft and auto detailing service available, perfect location on Taxiway Alpha on RWY 5.

Hangar Size: 12,000 sf

Name of FBO: KAPF

Lease Rate Information:

Lease Type:Full Service (Gross)

Hangar Type: Corporate