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Signature Flight Support

Listing Details

Last Updated: 6+ Months Ago
Date Posted: 05-12-2013
Location: 3800 East 70th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55450

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Property Information

Listing Type: For Lease

Property Type: Office/Shop

Office/Shop Space: Attached, 1482 sf

Listing Description:
Total of 1,482 sf available in 5 spaces:
169 sf
240 sf
306 sf
330 sf
437 sf

Name of FBO: Signature Flight Support

FBO Info

General Manager : Kyle Schmaltz
Phone : 612-726-5700
Email :
Address : 3800 East 70th Street
Minneapolis, MN, 55450


Unicom Frequency : N/A
ARINC Frequency : 128.95
VHF Frequency : N/A


Jet A : Yes
100LL : Yes

Services & Amenities

Lav/Water/GPU : Yes
Onsite Catering : Yes
De-icing Capability : Yes
Customs Services : Yes
Courtesy Car : Yes
Crew Lounge : Yes
Free Wifi : Yes
Conference Room : Yes
Auto Spa : No
Onsite Restaurant : No
Shower/Locker Room : Yes
Exercise Room : No
Pet Area : Yes

General Description

The Twin Cities is one of the largest commercial centers between the East and West coasts. The metropolitan area has a strong and diversified economy, including companies involved in manufacturing super computers , electronics, medical instruments, milling, machine manufacturing, food processing and graphic arts. With superior FBO services, Signature-Minneapolis maintains a reputation for providing the ultimate in executive aviation service to the Twin Cities.
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3800 East 70th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55450

Available Hangar Space:
14590 sf

Short Description

14,590 sq ft of Hangar space available to rent under contract.


Transient Space

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