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Colliers International

Listing Details

Last Updated: 6+ Months Ago
Date Posted: 06-12-2019
Location: 7445 Astro Drive
Waterford, MI 48327

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Property Information

Listing Type: For Sale

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Property Type: Hangar

Office/Shop Space: Internal, 2800 sf

Listing Description:
Corporate or Private Aviation
Hangar size: 100’ x 90’
Attached office size: 100’ x 28’
Hangar door clear opening: 86’ x 28.6’
Fuel farm: Three 10,000 gallon underground fiberglass tanks with single point and over wing Jet A only fueling capabilities.
The largest aircraft that would fit into hangar is a Gulfstream GIV with one or two smaller sized aircraft to fit behind it, depending on sizes.

Randall Book

Hangar Dimensions: 100’ W x 90’ D
Hangar Size: 9,000 sf

For Sale Information:

Listing Price: $1,750,000.00

Hangar Type: Corporate
Lot Size: 100000 acre

Additional Property Information

Ground Lease Terms Being Offered: Tenancy For Years
Land Lease Term: 15