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Hangar 6B
Hangar 6B Floor plan


Signature Flight Support

Listing Details

Last Updated: 6+ Months Ago
Date Posted: 05-05-2013
Location: 10 Richards Road
Kansas City, MO 64116

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Property Information

Listing Type: For Lease, Transient Space

Property Type: Hangar

Office/Shop Space: None

Listing Description:
30,000 SF of community hangar with 18,800 available for lease or transient/overnight use. Hangar can accommodate up to a G650.

8,000 SF of office space also available.

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Hangar Size: 30,000 sf

Available Hangar Space: 18,800 sf

Transient Space Information:

Space Available: 18,800 sf

Hangar Type: Corporate

FBO Info

General Manager : Frankie Taylor
Phone : 816-842-8484
Email :
Address : 10 NW Richards Rd
Kansas City, MO, 64116


Unicom Frequency : 122.95
ARINC Frequency : 129.575
VHF Frequency : N/A


Jet A : Yes
100LL : Yes

Services & Amenities

Lav/Water/GPU : Yes
Onsite Catering : Yes
De-icing Capability : Yes
Customs Services : Yes
Courtesy Car : Yes
Crew Lounge : Yes
Free Wifi : Yes
Conference Room : Yes
Auto Spa : No
Onsite Restaurant : No
Shower/Locker Room : Yes
Exercise Room : No
Pet Area : Yes

General Description

Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport is the city's first airport and it is still one of the busiest. Dedicated by Charles Lindbergh in 1927, the Downtown Airport is just across the Missouri River from Kansas City's business center. Airport users have easy access to the metropolitan area and it is an ideal refueling stop for air travelers going cross country. Prior permission is required for aircraft over 35 passengers, which the FBO can help in obtaining.
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10 Richards Road, Kansas City, MO 64116

Short Description

8,000 SF of office and shop attached to 35,000 SF of Hangar.


For Lease

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