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Listing ID: 1134

Listing Details

Last Updated: 6+ Months Ago
Date Posted: 02-26-2018
Location: 465 Aviation Way
Frederick , MD 21701

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Property Information

Listing Type: For Lease

Property Type: Land

Listing Description:
UPDATED 10/11/19

Lease Rate Information:

Lease Type:NNN (Triple Net)

Lot Size: 1.03 acre
Parcel Name: F1 Site

Additional Property Information

Airport Location: Frederick, Maryland
Land Rights and Terms: Direct Airport Ground Lease
Direct Airport Land Lease Period: Tenancy for Years
Ground Lease Terms Being Offered: Tenancy For Years
Other Term Description: Contract period options: a. 20 years plus two (2) 5-year options at the discretion of the City. b. 25 years plus one (1) 5-year option at the discretion of the City. c. 30 years
Additional Expenses: All costs associated with the planning, design, and development of the parcel shall be at the full expense of the Proposer.

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330 Aviation Wy, Frederick, MD 21701

Short Description

Hangar space available for Falcon 50 or smaller. 1-3 year leases available.


For Lease

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