If the inside of your hangar looks like a preview of A&E’s seventh season of Hoarders, you might be in violation of your airport’s minimum standards concerning hangar space. What’s the big deal? Besides being unsightly, there are a number of reasons why airports, and the FAA for that matter, discourage or forbid tenants from [...]

There’s really nothing quite like it left in the world. The largest clear-span wooden structure in the world, known as Hangar B, is an astonishing 15 stories high. Hangar B is the surviving twin brother to Hangar A. Both built in 1943, the behemoths housed massive World War II airships (blimps) at what was once [...]

Airports have become exceedingly more expensive to operate over the last decade. Whether it be construction costs, maintenance expenses and dozens of other increases, airport operators find it necessary to find additional revenue streams. The most popular revenue generators, according to the FAA, are hangar leases. On average, hangars of various types generate more than 90 percent of [...]

Sophisticated Accident Investigations and Training Reinforce Safety in the Skies. Despite a couple recent mishaps while landing, commercial air travel is still statistically the safest form of travel. U.S. airlines did not have a single fatality last year. It was the third time in the past four years there were no deaths, continuing a dramatic trend toward [...]

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